Do you soar high on the wings of what other people say, or hide in the valley with fear?  As a society, we let words carry so much power in our lives. The presidential debate last night focused so much on ISIS and attacks on our country, that many of us want to run for the valley and hide for our lives!  Fear of what is to come, fear of the unknown, fear of past bombings, fear of flying, fear of attending events, and fear of living the lives we used to know.  How did so much fear get injected into our lives?   By the wings of words of others.  The news, the presidential candidates, the police, social media, and everywhere you turn we have been blasted with uncertainty and fear.  The manifestation of fear has been shaped and formed from the evil force of ISIS, and is spreading like a disease.

One of the candidates handled the questions about terrorism like our Father of Lights would’ve handled it.  He answered with a calm and peaceful stance.  Instead of saying people would be banned from our country, and walls would be built and mounted high out of fear, he said something totally different.  He talked about uniting to form a strategic plan on the best way to handle the situation.  We witnessed a few candidates acting like little kids that were fighting on the playground.  Leading a country would be a very difficult job, but one pre-requisite I would want our leader to have would be not to blame or attack others.   A strong weakness is projected when we use words to blame or put someone else down.  It doesn’t matter if we are running for President, or running for our local school board.

As keepers of the light, I rely on the words in the bible to soar on the wings of words instead of hiding in the valley of darkness of what others say. Attached song Words…by Hawk Nelson.  The Source is where you will find truth, love, peace and forever light in words!  Don’t let fear, darkness, and anxiety take over your life.  Fight for light, and surround your loved ones in it.

Isaiah 40:31 

But they that wait for God shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; they shall walk, and not faint.