What weaves your heart to beat? One can go to the science of our heart, and how our cardiac system controls the rate and rhythm of our heartbeat. With each and every heartbeat, an electrical signal travels from the top of the heart to the bottom. As the signal travels, it causes the heart to contract and pump blood keeping us alive. Basic science… but what you weave into your heart overflows with drops of blood, sweat, and tears.

When we are determined and never give up, our sweat turns into grit, sacrifice, and blood. This determination, when fueled with love, travels to places we never imagined possible. When you combine love with perseverance, the smallest acorn grows into the tallest oak tree! When you weave positivity and grace into your heart you find yourself wanting to spread and share with others. When we feed our heart with family, friends, faith, forgiveness and hope we weave a bond that connects other hearts together to form a triangle of love that is endless…showing how life and eternity are interconnected.