Do you wrestle with God? Do you bargain with him in prayer, or ask him to solve problems in your life? I’m surrounded by people who are wrestling with God all the time. Do I wrestle with him? Of course! I think everyone does at some point in their lives. We want answers to our prayers, we want to know where he is guiding us, we question why things didn’t work out like we had hoped, we analyze a dream for meaning and direction, we question him all the time. We question??? Why war, why gun violence, why bullying, why scammers, why starvation, why homelessness just to name a few??? The WHY’S carry their own type of wrestling to fight for justice, stand up against violence, feed those who are hungry, and pray for peace.

My Grandson loves to wrestle. He wrestles his Dad, Papa John, and even his Grandma Lisa. The thing about “play” wrestling is you don’t always get to win! We let Liam win in wrestling….always. He’s a kid who loves to engage in “fun” wrestling and will fight until one is tired and worn out from letting him win! When we fight with God winning sometimes takes on something we didn’t expect or really want from the beginning.

When starting a new business I was looking to create meaning and connection through my products. What I didn’t realize all those years ago was the product was my vehicle to connect with God. In my wrestling, he was trying to guide and help me but I measured success on something that really didn’t carry any meaning. My meaning and connection to God came from struggle, and seeking something of ultimate value which was him… A relationship with God that anchors me, is my forever foundation in truth, and guides and leads me when I don’t know where I’m going at times. May you also wrestle with God that leads you in a bountiful relationship that never dies.